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Mission Statement

Our gymnastics school is dedicated to teaching gymnastics using a holistic approach. We will be mindful of the physical, emotional, mental development and health of our gymnasts as we create a fun and safe sports environment. 

At FGA, every gymnast is a champion. We strongly believe it is not the natural ability or “talent” of the child that is important, but the desire of the child to be involved in the sport of gymnastics and a willingness to put forth 100% effort to achieve that goal.

 Our goal is to give each and every child the same quality of instruction regardless of ability. We believe that gymnastics is a tool to help children grow into happy, responsible adults. Your child will not only develop physically, but will learn motivation, self-discipline, determination, time management, team work, poise, grace and leadership. These are skills that they will take with them throughout all of life’s endeavors.

  The key to any successful team is cooperation and communication. We, at FGA look forward to a successful working relationship with you and your child!

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