The 2010 Season came with great surprise at the Grand Opening of Farmingdale Gymnastics Academy (FGA) the introduction of a brand new state of the art facility with a highly qualified and motivated staff.  Our philosophy or mission is teaching gymnastics using a balanced approach.  We will be mindful of the physical, emotional and mental development and health of our gymnasts as we create a fun and safe sports environment.

Hard work and dedication from our staff of gymnastics coaches, along with FGA’s parents and athletes truly set the pace for our competitive teams and class gymnastics.

For many athletes it is difficult to find a true balance of success in both the classroom and on the competition floor.  We believe that our student/athletes work extremely hard throughout the season and succeed with both their personal and team goals.

Whether our student/athletes are helping their high school team to a championship, winning the all-around, having a role in the school play, playing an instrument at the school recital or being a part of the math or science club, they are striving and reaching for success.  No matter what path they may choose, they are guaranteed support and guidance from the FGA family to help them to achieve their dreams.

Our office staff, keep our parents well informed of all gym news and current events for gymnastics.

Success greatly relies on the cooperation of all our parents, athletes, coaches and staff.  Our love for the sport of gymnastics incorporates hard work, many hours of commitment, dedication and the coach’s enthusiasm to teach whoever walks through the doors of FGA.